I’m a small-business owner. In 2014 I started and developed a small but thriving property management business in the South West of England; in 2020 I stood back from the business and watched it run and self-sustain with only limited input still required from me. I now have time and freedom to concentrate on business development, and enjoy other business and leisure interests. I also recently returned to my first love: flying and aviation and I fly regular shifts as a helicopter pilot in support of the emergency services.

Prior to entering the world of business, Chris was a Royal Navy Officer and Display Pilot with the Royal Navy’s Helicopter Display Team – ‘The Black Cats

Edit Sept 2023: When I started this blog, I intended it to be a business related website. But I didn’t really know how or where to record my other interests… music… flying… learning… travel… etc. So there are some diversions into many different areas!

How to create a self-sustaining business?

Foresight – setting the best example – effective systems – placing trust in his staff – maintaining true and open collaboration.

This blog is the culmination of many years of identifying lessons and improvements after starting a business from scratch; observations of how businesses (big and small) operate; leadership and mutual collaboration ideas/principles for staff to be immersed in; and prudent decision-making with proven results.

There is a big trend in the online world for people to have to identify as gurus, influencers, experts etc. They like to post their videos surrounded by indicators of wealth etc. This blog is not about becoming wealthy or seeking some cliched ideas of lifestyle and ‘freedom’. It’s simply a record of ideas, thoughts and developments which may be of use to any small business owner or manager, who wants to develop their business and shape a team of staff into an effective unit – it’s about attaining a position where you can run (and enjoy) your business by leading your team but also leaving them to get on with the day-to-day… whilst you get to take breaks and holidays (away from your telephone, email and computer!).

Business Experience

  • Proudhouse Property Management LLP (6 employees, 200+ active managed properties, book of 1000+ clients)
  • Personal Property Portfolio (14 residential rental units across HMOs, flats and houses, in Yeovil and Cardiff)
  • Property investment company director (recently established Property Investment Company with 3 rental houses in Liverpool and Yeovil)
  • Previously a Sole Trader Business Owner of a Domestic and Commercial Electrical Business
  • Member of a Community Village Shop Management Committee
  • Trustee on the Board of Trustees for Community Village Shop Trust

Other Experience

  • Ex Royal Navy Officer and helicopter pilot
  • Current helicopter pilot for the emergency services
  • Current Royal Navy Reserve Officer specialising in design and delivery of specialist aviation training for Royal Navy pilots.

Links and other stuff

www.proudhouseproperty.co.uk My main business activity since 2010

Facebook Page for Proudhouse Property Management

www.thepetalpress.co.uk My fantastic wife’s website – graphics and website designer to many, many small business owners in the South West

www.acousticset.co.uk – I’m a wannabe country and folk musician – here’s my music page with my music buddy, Becs Hendry


Instagram account for Nic Kitson – my senior manager at Proudhouse and business partner

Instagram account for ‘Dorset Helo Pilot’ – a scrap book of photos of my aviation experiences