Welcome to this web page of my experiences and advice in the world of small business development, leadership and strategies. The internet is awash with “coaches” – many of whom offer consultation services which are not backed up with proven credentials or experience in their specialist areas! They are simply passing on ‘ideal’ popular theories from books and self-help sites which can be flawed when confronted by the real world ‘headwind’ of legislation, employment challenges, motivation, delegation and IT challenges.

I don’t need to coach and on this site there is no hard-sell bullsh*t campaign about my latest ‘plan’ or ‘model’ for you to sign up to. I have freedom away from business that allows me to pursue a range of activities including spending time with my family. I’m not pretending it’s easy. But many new business owners make mistakes in their early years which result in them being tied to their business and unable to retain staff that could otherwise reduce their burden.

If this is you, then contact me for help. I’ll show you some simple methods to get you away from the coal-face, get your staff motivated and happy, and thus leave you free to concentrate on running your business… and free to take time off when you need it.